A Brief History on Mike Park and Asian Man Records

I first became aware of Mike Park when I saw him perform at the House of Blues on my 18th birthday. He was opening for Streetlight Manifesto and told a funny story about how he wrote a rejection letter to the band years ago and regrets it. He talked a bit about San Jose (before I even really knew where it was), the importance of the DIY ethos, and his label Asian Man Records (which I was vaguely aware of due to its place in punk music history). His set was fun and he seemed like he was an all-around genuine dude. Little did I know I was listening to one of the most iconic figures in SJ, a city that I now deeply love.

I’ve been meaning to share this little brief tidbit on Asian Man Records and Mike Park for a minute. Because he is one of many great creatives based in the South Bay. With all of the turmoil, the Asian community is facing in the wake of waves of hate crimes and violence, compounded by an even longer history of xenophobia and racism, it reminded me of the importance of showcasing an artist who has spent his entire life preaching for peace and anti-racism. I hope we all remember the importance that music and artistry have in shaping our communities. So enjoy the brief read.