Left to right: Co-Founders Riley McShane, Isaiah Wilson, Leopoldo Macaya

The Come Up was started by three friends and the idea for just one show. Since its debut in February 2018, The Come Up has grown into a major force in San Jose’s growing music scene: presenting over 60 unique live acts, across 8 different venues, distributing more than $4,000 to performers in the greater Bay Area.

We’re trying to address a need. The San Jose area is severely lacking in quality mid-size, all ages music venues. But there is no shortage of talented and hungry performers, looking to reach people with their art and make their mark on a rapidly changing city.

The Come Up is a DIY platform for artists to thrive and build the local music scene in San Jose. We are an open platform, always eager to collaborate with other artists and creative people – if you’re interested in getting involved, please hit us up via email: sanjosecomeup@gmail.com!

Every city needs a movement of creative people willing to put in work, take risks, and gather people around a shared love of art & positivity. No one’s going to do it for us. So let’s make it happen.

With love, The Come Up Boys.