Our Story

The Come Up was started by two friends and the idea for just one show. In less than 1 year since that debut, it has grown into a major force in San Jose’s growing music scene: presenting over 60 performers, across 6 venues, distributing more than $3,000 to performers in the greater Bay Area.

It’s a well-known problem. The San Jose area is severely lacking in quality mid-size, all ages music venues. But there is no shortage of talented and hungry performers, looking to reach people with their art and make their mark on a rapidly changing city.

The Come Up is a DIY platform for artists to thrive and build the local music scene in San Jose. We are an open platform, always eager to collaborate with other artists and creative people – if you’re interested in getting involved, please hit us up via email: sanjosecomeup@gmail.com!

Every city needs a movement of creative people willing to put in work, take risks, and gather people around a shared love of art & positivity. No one’s going to do it for us. So let’s make it happen.

  • “The Come Up Boys” – Riley, Isaiah and Leo



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