Our Favorite Local Acts

Barely Funktional



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Genre: Hip-Hop, Funk, Reggae

The premier hip-hop group in San Jose, Barely Funktional is a multi-instrumental rap collectives. After years of performing and honing in their sound, Barely Functional has blended the most soulful elements reggae and funk in a unique brand of hip-hop


Casey Cope

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Genre: Hip-Hop, Indie Rock, Indie Hip-Hop

A thoughtful lyricists with a childlike cadence and delivery, Casey Cope is equal parts pop-culture references and equal parts social commentary. With backing band that includes his studio producer Soda Head, Casey Cope is an excellent rapper with a bright future ahead of him.

Ian Santillano and The House Warmers

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Genre: R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop inspired Jazz

Rising artist Ian Santillano is a r&b artist that embodies the soulful charisma of Anderson Paak with the contemporary rock sensibilities of Thundercat and Steve Lacy. Accompanied with the House Warmers, this is one of the best live acts in the Bay Area. His EP 1856 arrives July 12th.



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Genre: R&B, Soul, Funk

A San Jose based soul and r&b musician, Kamiko’s sultry and luring voice is both true to her 90’s R&B influences while providing unique, smooth production.

Ritty Bo

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Genre: Singer-Songwriter, R&B, Neo-Soul

Accompanied with a trusty ukulele and a raspy jazz voice, Ritty Bo is an exciting voice in music that has exciting production with an almost bluesy style that evokes the likes of Carole King and Amy Winehouse. Ritty Bo music is disinterested in being categorized and more focused on creating something honest.


Swells and The Lünatics

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Genre: Lofi Rock, Indie Rock, Surf Rock

The brainchild of Austin Avilla, Swells and The Lünatics are a San Jose based indie rock band that combines washed out guitars, lo-fidelity hip hop and har-hitting surf indie rock sound. Their music is laidback and ethereal at times and other times The Lünatics are a high-energy surf rock outfit.


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Genre: R&B, Soul, Pop

A smooth R&B voice that shows influence from Marvin Gaye and the greats of soul, Vudaje is a neo-soul singer whose blending of influences makes for one of the most exciting acts in The Bay.


William Corduroy

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 A warm vibrant 70s inspired funk group that combines indie hip-hop, jazz, and funk that sounds like a modern Prince work. His full band puts on incredible experience that our a unique sound and performance.