The Come Up 2 Electric Boogaloo

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Tonight The Come Up 2 Electric Boogaloo is happening! It’s going to be an exciting night of unique music, hilarious comedians, food, drinks, and celebration of the local San Jose music scene.

Below is a quick bio of our lineup as well as links to check out their music, our interviews with them, and other content.

Kiva Uhuru


A well versed performer, guitarist, and vocalist, Kiva is a singer songwriter whose music consists of a blend of modern indie rock akin to Alabama Shakes and The Districts as well as new age soul similar to Hiatus Kaiyote or Kehlani. She has a well polished unique sound that comes from constantly performing at shows, open mics, and busking. You can check out our recent interview with her here. 

Reign LaFreniere


A young filmmaker and musician, Reign is a indie rock artist’ who possesses the spirit of early 1960s folk and blues. His music content tackles identity, loss, taking action, and is a refreshing take on classical forms of blues and folk. You can find his music here and check out our interview with Reign here.




Normtronics is a music producer who combies an early 2000s Dillaesque production style and combines it with instrumentals and breaks that sound that they’re derived from both jazz even a bit of house on his earlier works. He breaks away from the common lofi sound saturation modern production and pursues a style that heavily samples an array of genres. He even ties a classic hip hop drum pattern style with sampling that sounds it’s cut from deep house. Nujabes and Dilla influences are strong in his music and you can listen to his new beat A Rusty Egg Breathes New Life here. 


Jimmy Flynn

A Sacramento native currently based in Santa Clara where he is attending Santa Clara University. He is a talented filmmaker, actor, and comedian.


Aviva Siegel

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