The Come Up is a DIY music collective that organizes showcases of Bay Area musicians. Our mission is to bring new life to the growing San Jose music scene by creating unique community experiences around live music. The Come Up is run by local creatives for local creatives! Come check us out!

Upcoming Shows

This may surprise you, but we are not doing shows at the moment. Whether you are staying indoors or going out to protests, please be safe. We are more active on our Instagram page for the time being making fun memes and engaging in the local discourse. We have things in the works, but our shows will be on hold for the foreseeable future. Let’s stick together!

Update: Happy New Year! We have project in the works that we will be premiering at the end of January of this month! Stay tuned for more info.


The Come Up presents 2-3 shows per month, and we are always on the lookout for new performers. If you’re interested in performing – click “Play at Our Shows” below! Be sure to check out the blog to stay up to date on other happenings around town.




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